About TEDA

What is TEDA

TEDA is Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency. It is an independent agency setup by Government of Tamil Nadu in the year 1984, as a registered society with a specific purpose – to create awareness and migrate the State from using fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Status of energy in India

It is well known that India, as well as the rest of the world, is still powered predominantly by fossil fuels – coal, natural gas and oil. While this is of great concern throughout the world, in the case of India, it is an even bigger concern.

India uses about 500 million T of coal every year to produce electricity, about 3.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas for power, chemicals and fertilizers and over 160 million T of oil for transport and industry.

The growth in the usage of the fossil fuel sources has been increasing tremendously. Such a huge growth has put tremendous strain on finances as a significant percentage of these fossil fuel has to be imported.

Pan India, renewables currently constitute only a small part of our energy mix. But renewable energy has started playing an increasingly important role and will be a vital part of our energy portfolio in future.

Tamil Nadu being a leader in RE

For such a key industry such as renewable energy, Tamil Nadu is the leader in the country.

Of the total renewable energy capacity of about 32,730MW installed all over India, TN alone has about 8326.86MW, thus about 25.44% of the total installed capacity. In the important sector of wind energy, this number is even more dominant, with Tamil Nadu having about 34.31% of the total wind energy installed capacity in India. TEDA has played an important role in making this happen.

In the last two years, the solar power sector has grown in significance across India, and in Tamil Nadu too, we are seeing significant growth in the adoption of solar power. In Tamil Nadu, we now have the Tamil Nadu Solar Policy, the Chief Minister’s Solar Powered Greenhouse Scheme and recently the Chief Minister’s Solar Rooftop Capital Incentive Scheme. Through these schemes, Tamil Nadu is also making rapid strides in solar power.

It is our aim to consolidate this leadership position in renewable energy by investing not only to further accelerate the growth of wind and wind power, but by investing in the other main areas of renewable energy such as biomass and waste to energy.

Decentralised systems

· 25068 Solar domestic lighting systems installed in Tamil Nadu with assistance from Government.
· 6095 Solar street lights installed in pubic places/streets mostly in village panchayats with Government assistance and active support and involvement of Rural Development Department.
· Solar water and air heating/drying systems installed for a collector area of 28791 sq.m.
· Biomass gasifiers with cumulative capacity of 5444 KW are in operation.
· 189 nos. of community and toilet linked biogas plants have been constructed in the State under subsidy scheme.

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